Maine D-Star Update #3 - 12/9/2012

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Maine D-Star Update #3 - 12/9/2012

Postby KA8SCP » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:21 pm

Hello all,

Things on the ham repeaters has been a little quiet. I thought it was just the D-Star repeater but after listening around a bit I find all the repeaters in the area are quiet. I suspect this is just people preparing for the holidays and spending time with family.

KS1R D-Star:
Sometime around Saturday November 24th I replaced the Wifi radio at the KS1R D-Star repeater site and then left for Germany. Well that turned out to not work well. The radio I installed did not perform well and had to be reset several times while I was away. Thanks Bill! (K1MNW) for doing the resets. The original radio has be put back into operation and seems to be working well. Sorry if the internet difficulties were a problem for you. I believe we are back up and running much better now.

KS1R WiFi link radio's.

Speaking of Germany I did manage to use the DV-Dongle to sign into the repeater from Germany and had a QSO with Bill K1MNW. Also while I was away Paul (K1CGZ) received his new ID-31. Bryan (N1OXG) and Dave (KA1JWM) helped get Paul up and running and played KS1R Admin to get Paul registered. Thanks to you both.

Today I worked on my raspberry PI ( and have it connected to the KS1R repeater. D-Star is capable of both voice and data so the PI is sitting there running D-Rats messaging software. I had this setup before but today did some mods to make it more reliable. If you have a PC cable for your radio check out the D-Rats software ( My Station should be listening.

W1EMA D-Star:
W1EMA D-Star system is on the air but still suffering from de-sense. Currently running split antennas that are a bit too close together. Last week Bill was able to repair the bad duplexer cap by modifying one he had in his lathe to make it fit. Shortly after that I received an e-mail from Bill saying the duplexers are tuned and ready to install. I called Brit (AB1KI) to make arrangements but he will be unavailable on the next couple of weekends and I'm only available on the weekends. Hopefully something works out and we'll get the duplexers installed.

Stay tuned for more...


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